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Painting Classes 



 I am happy to tell that first course will take place in September 2022 and is fully booked. Thanks to the great work of Vicky and Paul (Paint-Andalucia).


2022 I will do one course in June and another one in September at: www.paint-andalucia.com



Painting classes in Frigiliana near Malaga

“A beginner never is in danger to overpaint a watercolour, because he is too timid to do so!"

Klaus Hinkel

The author of “Watercolors Wasserfarben Aquarellieren” (How to paint in watercolours in a different way), a professional artist and experienced tutor for more than twenty years is offering you very special painting classes in one of the most beautiful white villages of Andalusia.
Flexible organisation and over all INDIVIDUAL TUTORING for a sensational price.
Fly to Málaga, rent a village house in Frigiliana (we can help)or f.e.(www.andalusiaholidayhouse.com )(millershotels), enjoy our climate and improve your art. You are a beginner, experienced, you want to learn techniques or loosen up, an individual tutoring will be made for you.
The individual classes are normally in between two and three hours and because our splendid weather they usually take place outdoors. While you are painting, the artist will help you with technique, composition, perspective and anything which is important to point out. He also tries to encourage you to try out new ideas.
During his demonstrations he will continuously inform you about his thoughts, which will help you to understand better and loosen up your way of painting.

Individual class once a day (just one person), in between two and three hours 50 Euros. The courses are possible all over the year, just contact me and reserve a date.

Please feel free to contact me.

“Why are you worried about painting a good watercolour, you are here to enjoy yourself!”

Klaus Hinkel

Kinder2014 Painting classes in Frigiliana near Malaga