Art Calendar 2023

For many years I wanted to make an art calendar. After several years of unsuccessful conversations with editors I decided to take the risk and make one by myself. Since then we are looking back to fifteen calendars and 2023 is also called ACUARELAS KLAUS HINKEL. 

On this ocasion I would like mention my fans who come to my studio or buy every year online. You are a big help. 

This calendar is offered only in the size of 30 by 21 cm.

A fantastic souvenir for those who visit Frigiliana, a perfect gift for those who like watercolours and Andalusia.

Price (normal 30 x 21 cm) 14,80 € + postage

  Europe postage 3,50 and

  Asia, America, Africa postage 9,00 Euros


 Calendar Pictures 2023